Success Stories 2003

Black Hills Rifle Elk Late Season

December 13, I had the pleasure to hunt with the Mary Terpening in Unit 402. This was the third time I have hunted with the Terpening's over the years.   From First Light to 12:00 Noon we saw 200 head of elk.  She successfully harvested a huge Cow.

fam.jpg (30887 bytes)       MandJ.jpg (25135 bytes)

Mary, Tom and Jake                                  Mary and The G-man

Black Hills  Rifle Elk Season

October 30 - 31, I had the pleasure to hunt with Garlan Bigge in Unit 402. We saw around 100 head of elk in the two days.  However, We just could not put the bullet close to the target.  But we sure generated a number of memories from the hunt. 

garlan.jpg (26929 bytes)

Garlan Bigge

October 11-12, I had the pleasure to take out Sue Arteberry hunting in Unit 402. We saw around 150 head of elk in the two day. She scored a Nice Cow on the morning of the second day. She was my second Female hunter for the year.

sue.jpg (40224 bytes)                  sueAjohn.jpg (39680 bytes)

     Sue With Her First Elk                                                                     Sue and The G-Man

October 1-2, I had the pleasure to take Fred and Scott Gillis hunting. Both had drawn Cow elk tags in the 403 unit.  Both day we saw Elk, and Harvested One Cow on the second day.

FredASC.jpg (19854 bytes)

Fred And Scott Gillis

Black Hills Fall Turkey Season

On October 13, I had the pleasure to hunt with David Koch and Wayne Sc.  We harvested three out of four turkey during the day.

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Black Hills Prairie Deer Season

    On November 15, My brother and I had the privilege of hunting with our good friend, ED, who is  Physically Challenged. We conducted a series of pushes, with ED on stand only a short distance from the truck.   On one of the pushes Ed was successful in harvesting a very nice 4X4 Whitetail buck.  We strive to accommodate everyone who hunts with Us, Because it require a greater understanding of the game and area to be successful.

EDbuckW.jpg (17601 bytes)

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Black Hills Archery Deer Season

    On October 17 - 22, I had the pleasure to Host Gary Howey, with Gary Howey, with Outdoorsmen Adventures Television Series. Series.  We had three days full of adventure for Deer here in the Black Hills.The show should be aired next season on his TV Series.  He also wrote an article on the Hunt that can be Viewed on his Tips & Trips Page under the title Archery Hunt in The Hills with The G-Man Web site Link THANKS GARY FOR CHOOSING G-Man Outdoor Adventure.

OAWEB.jpg (26157 bytes)       JandG.jpg (38063 bytes)

                                                                                        The G-man with Gary

GandG.jpg (23413 bytes)         MandG.jpg (19437 bytes)

Greg with Gary, Greg is my Bow setup expert. Mark with Gary, Mark Located the Honey Hole for the hunt.

I also want to Thank Bruce for the use of his cabin for our hunt.

Black Hills Archery Elk Season

    September was an awesome time to be in the wood. The elk were bulging and engaged in the yearly spectacle.  While I had the pleasure to take a lady with many firsts in her life Hunting. These entailed, first time on a elk hunt, First Time hunting with a Bow, and The first time she applied for a elk tag and she drew. Her husband has been applying for many years. 

    We hunted for Six glorious day, with many close call and intense action. However, at the end the elk prevailed and we had Memories that will last forever. BELOW IS A EMAIL WITH HER THOUGHT ABOUT THE HUNT:

              "Just a quick note here to say hi again and let you know that although I didn't get an elk that was probably one of the best times I have ever had. It was the best hunting trip I have ever had/ Although I didn't come home with an elk it was just a terrific time!  I am now "addicted" to bow hunting I am now "addicted" to bow hunting elk!!!!\ elk!!!!\ elk!!!!\ elk!!!!\ Jennifer and Corey"

Black Hills & Nebraska Spring Turkey Season

    I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my turkey hunters this spring for letting me hunt with them and share in their hunts. I also want to thank them for all the precious memories that I will carry with me.

Our Va. hunter Robert O'Berry, harvested Two Nebraska Toms on April 15, 2003. The first sported a 2" beard with 1/4" spurs.  The Second sport roughly an 8" beard with 3/4" spurs. Robert is pictured with Owner/ Guide John Geiman. Take a look at the pictures below.   Robert was on a Six day hunt, three in SD and 3 in NE.  We saw a lot on birds in SD, but could not close the deal to fill his SD tag.

nebtomweb.jpg (30908 bytes)

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Our Iowa hunter Jim Meeks and Mitch Turner hunted our six day hunt April 26- May 1st. Jim harvest a bird in NE that sported a 8" Beard with 3/4" spurs. Both hunter saw alot of turkey, but turkey hunting is turkey hunting.  We had to battle four days of rainy weather during the six day we were out. Take a look at the picture below. Click on it to see more pictures.

jim and mitch closeweb.jpg (33126 bytes)

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My Third hunt, May 4-5,was with a returning hunter, Jim Rice accompanied by his wife.  He hunted last fall with me for elk.  We hunted for two day, with a lot of exciting memories. However, The turkeys bested us in the end. 

Jimandwifeweb.jpg (31262 bytes)

My Fourth hunt, May 8,was with two gentlemen from Omaha NE. They booked a one day hunt.  We hunted hard. In the End we had one miss, three close encounters and a lot of gobbling.

My Fifth hunt, May 10-11,was with Brett Griest. he had first contact me at the beginning of the season to acquire some scouting information, which I was able to put him in on bird from the get go.  However, he did not get a bird in the first three days. So he contacted me for a two day hunt.  We hunt hard the first day in the rain. We were able to get into gobblers, but no luck.  That night we roosted a bird for the next day.  The next morning, we had a blue bird morning.  The bird was gobbling and we got set up.  A few tree calls and the game was on. the bird flew down right in front of Brett. GAME OVER.

brettwebjpg.jpg (26974 bytes)

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My Sixth and final hunt, May 15-16,was with a David Merideth from Mississippi. He happened to meet my mother at the local Gas station and She suggest that he hook up with me. We hunted one evening in order to Roost a bird. the next morning, we had a exciting and very vocal morning with the birds. However, the hens won again in the battle.

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