Black Hills Elk Season

Dec 10 - 11 unit H2C

     Day One - found Sue and I back at it again. Only today all we could find was bulls and lot of them. we must have seen 10 different bull in one area. We did find other track but no cows to be seen.

    Day Two - we were stuck in the truck. Sue was unable to walk much, because of walking in the snow the day before did her in.  

Dec 2 - 3 unit H3

    Day One - found Gene, Dan and Myself hunting hells canyon area. We located some fresh track about 10:00 am and started to follow. We back tracked several miles cutting the track. We finally found the elk laying on a hill side. So we moved in above them. As we crept in Dan and I spotted an elk. we could not tell if it was a cow or bull, so we waited. Well while we waited the whole herd moved out on us leaving only track to follow again. we spent most of the rest of the day following, with the elk finally ending up on private land.  

    Day Two - we covered more ground, but could not find the elk again. We did find a sharp rock that took out a tire.  

Oct 29 - 30 unit H5

    Day One & Two - found Jay and I hunting hard with little to show for elk. H5 is a hard unit to hunt because it is small and rough.  

Oct 22 unit H2E

    Day One - found Dustin, His Dad and myself hunting some of my good spot. we finally found the elk about midday in the burn.  We spent a good hour trying to crawl in on the herd. but in the end the elk spooked and not a shot to be seen.  We covered the surrounding areas but did not see any other elk.

Oct 17-18 unit H2E

    Day One - found LeRoy and I hunt some of my good spots. as we were driving in a big bunch of elk cross the road in front of us right at the turn off I wanted.  So we parked and waited until light.  The elk just fed all around us.  At first light we tried to get on a couple of cows, but the shots did not present themselves.  so we followed the herd all morning just behind them. Just as they were starting to bed down, we got pined down by a bull tearing up a tree in the back. we sat in one spot for two hours waiting.  Then the wind started to switch, so we tried to flank the herd and come in above them.  When we got to the spot where they were suppose to be they were gone. we could hear the cow calling, so we gave chase again. However, the rest of the day we did not see them again. 

    Day Two - we hunted a area a couple mile from the day before. By mid-day we found them. good shooting LeRoy!!!

Oct 16 unit H2C

     Day One - found Sue and I in an area where we had spotted some elk the night before.  We started covering the ridges in the area, by 9:00 am we found the herd. as we worked our way into the location the bulls were bugling and the cows were answering them. we got within about 80 yd from the cows, we had only one shot before they bolted, because the wind had changed. the shot went high  The rest of the day we spent chasing the elk around the hill but no other shot present themselves.

Oct 8 - 9 unit H5

    Day One - found Russ and I hunting all over the south part of unit 5, we found some fresh sign, however with no snow you could not tell which way they had gone.   

    Day Two - was also unproductive. but a great friendship was developed. 

Oct 7 unit H2D

     Day One - found Anthony, Greg and myself in one truck and Doug and Jeff in another truck heading toward the Deerfield area.  On the way to our hunting area a cow crossed the road in front of us, about an hour to early to shoot. We proceeded to toward one of my good area and stopped and waited for it to get light. Then we split up with Doug and Jeff heading one direction and us the other.  we would meet about noon.  the three of us started walking a good ridge, that usually held elk. By 11:00 a.m., we pick up some track of a herd in the fresh snow.  at 12:15, we had a cow on the ground.  Great Job Anthony!!!.  Later that day I paired off with Doug and Jeff for the afternoon hunt, but we could not find the elk again that day.



Oct 1-3 unit H5

    Day One - found Jay, Ron, Rich and myself hunting near the park boundary.  The area normally is a hot spot for opening day, but not this one. There were not elk to be seen in the area.  we spent most of the morning hitting the good spot.  So in the afternoon we headed north.  We found an area were the elk had been tearing up the hill and trees. Sure enough the elk were there, but we were a hour to late.  A young guy was loading up a nice 6x6 and had stories of more in the area. 

    Day Two - lead us back to the area of the 6x6. Jay, Ron and myself started hiking the hills trying to fine the hidden hole the elk were hold up in.  then as we top a small flat a cow seem to materialize in front of us. we were so surprised that the cow got away with only two shot fire at her.  the rest of the day we focused in the same area with another sighting of an elk, however we could not tell if it was a cow. 

    Day Three - unfolded much like the prior two day, a lot of miles and no elk. 

Sept 14 - 16 unit H3

    Day One - found Richard and myself hunting near the jasper burn. at first light me move along main logging road trying to locate a vocal bull. At about 7:30, we located a herd with three vocal bull. we gathered our gear and proceeded to sneak with in range. We set up several time during the morning, but the bulls would not leave the cows. at one point we had one bull only fifty yards away with some thick down fall between us and him. after the elk moved out, we decided to move our camp closer the present area. Once camp was set back up we set out on a big circle for the afternoon hunt. We called in a spike to about 20 yard from us, but no big bull with him.  all afternoon we moved and sit at different location in the area.

    Day Two - we started by calling and check the logging roads for elk close to the road. After about an hour, I decided we would need to start walking the hills again checking know bedding areas.  In one of these areas, Richard and I had set up about 50 yards apart. We proceeded to call and wait. Then all of a sudden a bulge pierced the air out in front of us. I throughout lustful cow calls. the 5x5 bull move in silently to only forty yard from Richard. I stopped him with a cow call. the only problem was I had a clear shot, but Richard had a tree covering the vital area. so I continued to call hoping the bull would move a couple step closer. He did, the arrow went high over his back. I call quickly stopping the bull again. Richard quickly nock another arrow, however the bull then bolted down the hill. At midday I decide to move to another area for the afternoon hunt. In this area, we located some bull going crazy at dark.

    Day Three - We crept into the area where we had located the bulls from the night before. They were going crazy again this morning. We set up on a side hill at the top of a draw, with Richard 40 yard above me. The elk moved in our direction, finally we could make out antlers on the horizon just over the edge. I would call the bulls would bulge back. We continued this game for two hours. Then the elk started to feed past Richards position. first cows and calves, then the huge 5x5 herd bull. he was 20 yard out of Richards range. after the main herd pasted, 12 other bulls past by Richard ranging form spikes to small 6x6's.  all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I spotted movement of two elk starting to come toward my position. As they moved closer, I could see one was a 5x4 bull. The silently moved closer and closer, until they were only 30 yard from my position. I sat there frozen hoping they would move up the hill, but the move closer to me. at only 20 yards they stop again presenting a nice broadside shot to Richard, unknown to me. All I new was suddenly the 5x4 had a arrow in the bread basket and bolting away. I call quickly hoping to spot him again. We regrouped to decide what we would do next. I decide to give him an hour to expire. during that hour we moved to the top of the hill where the other elk had disappeared and watch the whole group feed and socialize in the next basin.  back at the hit location we proceeded to track the blood trail. it was tough going in the dry ground, however an occasional rock would reveal the blood trail.  as we topped over a small finger, I saw a bull get up from a bed and then bolt off. My heart just sank, we had moved in to soon.  after a couple minutes I decided to move up to the location were I had seen the bull and verify if it was the bull we had hit. Richard decide he would go lower to the road and check there. Only a couple minute after the spilt, Richard yelled HERE HE IS. What a relief, it had been another bull I had seen bedded. great shot Richard and thank for hunting with the Gman



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