Wyoming Deer Season

Nov 1-3

    Day One -  Found Shirley & David from MI. & Myself, starting the day by checking all the open meadow in our hunting area. Each meadow was filled with twenty to thirty deer. As we glassed each meadow none produced a mature buck with 4X4 rack. We did see several 3x3's 2x2's and many spikes. After about an hour after sunrise, we proceeded to start walking in on a cattle trail to some stands for the days hunt. We jumped several Does & fawns again on the way in. After posting David at one spot, Shirley and myself proceeded to another canyon rim.  At the rim we set in for the long hall until 12:00 a.m. all morning we glass many deer, however none were what we were looking for. At lunch time David also stated that he had seen several does & fawn. The afternoon hunt, went much like the morning hunt. David and I did have a few seconds look at good buck, but we could not verify his rack in time before he slipped away on us. 

     Day Two - Found us repeating the same path, but this time we did not make to our sits. We spotted four buck feeding in a near by pasture. We set up and glassed and waited. The big buck proceeded to move in our direction. We waited and waited. We watched him jump the fence and move to some plum bushed, then we lost sight of him. So, I decided to leave one person and take one with me to circle around the hill to see where the buck had went. David and I used the terrain to circle closer to where we had lost sight of the buck.  When we got there he was no were to be seen. So we set down and continued to glass the other buck in the area.  A half hour later we, proceeded to check some other country for buck.  On the way back, it brought us back to the same spot.  I just had to no if the buck had buried himself in the bushes. I left David up high, just in case.  I was almost to the brush when the buck exploded out of the brush. It surprised David so much he miss his chance.  After check the location further, the buck had burrowed back into the brush did not move on the first time we were there.  An hour later, we heard a shot from Shirley location, but the terrain had deceived her and the shot went high on another Good buck.

 Day Three -  We found some deer in a hay field with a good buck at first light.  After some quick sneaking we were less than a hundred yard for the deer, but the big buck had already left the field. The day continued to show us lots of deer, but not the big boys we wanted.  With only a couple of hours to go, Shirley spotted some deer feeding out of a canyon. The bunch had a nice buck in the group. she proceeded to sneak in closer for a shot. finally at about 300 yd. she had the shot, and a good buck to prove it.  Thanks for hunt with me, Shirley and David.



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