2006 Wyoming Deer Season

NOV 8-11

    Day One -  Found Bill from FL. & Myself, starting the day by checking all the open meadow in our hunting area. Then we proceeded to spend most of the day slowly working the canyons. Each canyon held several deer, but no big buck. As the evening hunt approached, we decided to check out several other location. One particular area we spotted a Big buck chasing does. However, we only had ten minutes to figure out a plan. Needless to say we ran out of light before we could close the deal. 

    Day Two - Found us waking up to 8 inches of fresh snow. We decided to glass the area where we had spotted the big buck from the night before. We watched well after day break and no deer to be found.  So we proceeded to check out our other areas, while waiting for the sun to break out.  Upon not spotting any deer out on this wonderful morning we proceed back to our original location.  When we arrived back, we found several deer feeding on a high ridge. The big buck was in the bunch. So we started to make a stalk on the herd.  Moving with the lay of the land we managed to get within 100 yard of the herd. However, the Buck was just out of sight at all time. all we could ever see was the top of his horn on the sky line. Once they disappeared we gave chase with no luck. So instead of pushing him out of the area we decided to wait out for an afternoon hunt.  
    The afternoon hunt was very cold setting out in the wind break area of Wy. we never did have the big buck out that evening. there were several does and small buck but no big boy.

    Day Three -  Found us staking out the area all day and making small circles trying to locate the big buck. As evening approached we located a really nice buck in a hay meadow. We stalked within about 150 yard and positioned for a shot. Three shot later and no buck. As we check the area for blood, we determined that bill's rifle was shooting 10 foot high.  The back two mounting screws for the scope mount had snapped the tops off and the back of the scope was 1/4 in from original location. The rifle had check out previous days, so the malfunction had to have happed on this day.  That evening we located a back up rifle for a quick hunt in the morning.

    Day Four -  Found us back at the same area where we had missed the buck the night before.  Once it started to get light there were several deer in the field.  Pretty soon we spotted the same buck from the night before. After many set ups and repositions, bill made a great 250 yard shot.   Great hunt Bill. Thank for the great time.

Bill with His 5x4

Another picture of Bill's Buck

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Nov 1-3

    Day One -  Found Shirley & David from MI. & Myself, starting the day with posting David at a favorite location that he had located last year while hunting with me.  Shirley and myself proceeded to drive on up the canyon road to the top end of the area.  As we topped on ridge we located a good 4x3 and 4x4 moving in David's direction.   Once we arrived at our spot. We proceeded to start walking on a cattle trail to some stands for the days hunt. We jumped several Does & fawns again on the way in. All morning we glass many deer, however none were what we were looking for. Shirley and I never did get up any big 4x4 on this day.
    However, David had 7 different buck come by his location.  Finally a nice 5x5 buck came by that he just could not pass up. Great buck David. 

David with his 5x5 

     Day Two - Found Shirley and I repeating the same path, but this time we did not make to our sits. We spotted a nice buck feeding in a near by pasture. We set up and glassed and waited. The big buck proceeded to move in our direction. We waited and waited. He moved down into a near by canyon and disappeared.  After a few moment, we move up to the canyon to see where the buck had went. When we got there he was no were to be seen. So we set down and continued to glass the the area. We finally spotted the buck at about dark moving out of the canyon into a near by hay field.  However, we could not close the distance due to 15 doe bedded on the high ridge over looking the hay field.  

 Day Three -  Found Shirley and I back at the field at first light. But Murphy's law was in effect. The buck slipped out the back of the field out of shot range.  We gave chase, but he crossed off our ground in a short time.  So we move on down the area slowly continued to look of another buck. At about 8:00 I put Shirley on a stand while I walked back to pick up the truck and move it to a closer location.  Half way back on my walk, I though I had heard a shot in the direction in the location I had left Shirley.  When I arrived back to Shirley, she had a great big smile on hear face.  She had shot a nice buck across the canyon.  While, I was talking to her we notice that the buck had gotten back up.  She managed to get two more bullet into him before we lost sight of him.  We crossed the canyon and needed another shot to finish the job.   Great hunt Shirley.  Thanks for hunt with me, Shirley and David.

Shirley with her 4x3 

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