Black Hills Elk Season 2006

Dec 9 unit H2b

    Day One - Found Susan, Doug  and myself leaving the house about 6:15 . I was running late, so I took a side road to get us hunting at first light. we traveled down a gravel road about 4 mile and I spotted a pick up park in the middle of the road.  when they saw us coming up they start up the road again.  I just look down a big draw and spotted a bull elk feeding on the ridge, but there were other elk in the trees.  The pickup must not have seen them.  I pickup the pace and got to a parking spot where we moved over the hill in the direction on the bull. As we closed into about 200 yard I spotted a cow in the field, that all I need for this hunt. So we move a head of the elk and as we topped the hill I spotted a pair of legs in the trees.  the more I glassed the area seemed to produce more elk in the trees. we sat there for five minutes and watched. pretty soon the elk started to move up. there must of been 30 head. finally a cow was in plain site and hit the ground at 60 yards.  We were back to town by 10.

Doug & Sue                                                                Gman & Sue

Oct 22& 23 unit H2

    Day One - Found Joe M  and myself driving to a afternoon location where we had hunted the Sunday before. We had 2 1/2 inches of fresh snow, so the elk track stuck out. We followed a group of track right back to the same bedding area.  once again we walk right into their bedroom and just watch for two hours glassing and looking for the big bull. There was not a big one to be seen. So we decide we would give it a full day try in the morning.

    Day Two - Found Joe M  and myself driving back to the same location for the third time.  As we closed in on the area, we spied a big bull just off the road in the trees.  Joe proceeded to get out of the truck and over the near bank, before the bull realized that he was there. Once the bull saw Joe, he started to move out. I quickly hit the cow call and he stopped on a dime.  Bang!.. the bull move on, cow call.  Bang!.. the bull move on, cow call. Bang! By now Joe need more shell for his gun in the truck.  We regrouped feeling that Joe had made great shots on the bull.  As we pick up the track, we began to see blood. Then more blood. We new, it would only be a short time before we found him. Sure enough there he was pile up by a tree.  Great hunt Joe!!  You redeem you self on this one for last week. 

Joe with his 5X6 Bull                                                                    Left side View

                    Right Side View                                                    Joe, I had him tied to a tree this time for you              

Oct 19 unit H2E

     Day One - Found Wyatt, Becky, and myself on a afternoon hunt. As we got to the hunting distention, The snow started coming down in sheets and visibility was only 400 yards. we check a couple area, waiting to see what the weather would do. A hour later the snow stopped and we covered a couple ridges. There was fresh sigh and track, but no elk. We never did see any elk that afternoon, probably due to the storm coming in and they were hold up for the evening waiting out the storm.

Oct 15 unit H2

     Day One - Found Joe M  and myself driving to a afternoon location. Once we got to our destination, we stuck out for a known bedding location. As we approached the area, I decided to set down and make a few calls before we moving any closer. I throughout a couple cow call followed up with a bugle. We got a instant bugle back at us only a couple hundred yard away.  So we moved closer slowly. 
     Suddenly, I spied a cows head on the near ridge. We melted to the ground to watch and wait to see what they were going to do.  As we glass the near ridge, we started to see more cows and calves laying down.  I throughout a couple more cow calls and another bugle followed in response to my calling. We sat there for about ten minutes, just watching and waiting.  Soon the cows started to get up and feed up the ridge.  Joe and I started to move in an angle to intercept them at the top.  We got to the top, just as the cows started to feed out on the top of the ridge. We were stuck in the open, with cow and calve feeding only about 80 yards away.  we remained in this location for about two hours. During this time frame the elk continued to feed and even lay down on us.  Your probably saying at this point, why is an elk not hitting the ground.
    Well Joe has been waiting for 12 years for a big bull and we wanted to check out all the bulls in this bunch to make sure we got the big one.  At the end of the two hours, the elk feed over the hill and no big bulls in this herd.  But the wood were starting to erupt with other bulls bugling all around us. We were looking to the right, left, in front and behind with anticipation of a big bull.  all the elk were moving toward a water hole down the ridge.
    Joe and I move in the direction of the water hole. Soon we had elk, all over in front of us. there must have been about fifty or sixty cows move around the water hole. There were also Three good bulls working back and forth checking their cows and keeping them in check.  Pretty soon Two big boys were facing off and pushing and shoving, the fight was on. It lasted about two minutes, but what a show. Oh!!, mean while Joe was having a hard time Picking out the big bull because of the excitement. Finally, we located the biggest one and readied for a shot.  Bang! 
    The elk scattered in mass confusion, we just let them move off and went to check our results.  Guess what?  A complete miss, no blood, hair or any sign of a hit and to make things worse the big bull started up bugling again down the ridge.   We listen to the three bull bugling for two more hours. He wasn't hit, I think bull fever played into this shot. 

Oct 7 unit H3

     Day One -  Found Joe T  and myself at a location where we had put three elk a bull, cow and calf to bed the night before.  As the light started to brighten. we glassed the open meadows looking for the elk we had seen the evening before. But they were not in the same location. So we moved on down the ridge.  Then I spotted a brown butt on the far hill side.  We moved closer keeping what little trees there were between us and the elk.  We finally ran out of trees and could make out four cows and a calf in the group. I sat Joe down in front of me a found a good rest.  Then I said "Shoot the Big One" Joe stated "which big One?" I said." Can you get on the lower one" "No" Joe said "How about the one above her" I said  again Joe said "NO"  " How about the one to the left and Up" I said.  "I can get on that one" Joe said  Bang  "you shot over her" I said  Bang  "You got her" I said.  Now the work begins, We had harvest the cow at 7:00 a.m. and we got back to the truck at 11:30 a.m. Just a little dragging involved.  Great hunt Joe. Just a side note: Joe had made a promise to his dad and grand dad that he would get his first Elk with the rifle in the picture. Thanks to the heavenly Father we helped that promise come to pass on a beautiful October morning. 

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  Joe's Email back to me

 I had one of the best hunts ever and look forward to hunting with you again.
 I was truly impressed on  how fast you found the elk. I would recommend you to any one who wants a true hunting experience.
 Thanks for Everything

Oct 1 unit H2A

    Day One -    What an awesome opening day.  My hunter Ron & his friend Jay joined me on opening day.  We started at a location that I had put about 35 head of elk to bed the night before. As we got out of the truck the bulls were going crazy about 300 yard in front of us.  So we proceeded up the road toward them, but as we started to top the ridge a bull suddenly appear in the sky line only 80 yard in front of us. We were stuck out in the open and need to find a tree quick. We quickly moved to a near by tree. just as we sat down Jay stated that we had elk right in front of us.  He started to call out, "The first one, no the second, no the third one is the one you want Ron."  Once I looked at the bulls, I said " No!! the big boy in on the ridge behind them all." This whole process continued for thirty minutes, as the light bighted our surroundings.  In the end the big boy and the herd melted away out of sight.
    After the elk move out of our sight, we move to get a better look, but they were gone. We move on down the ridge looking for them the rest of the morning.  The circle we made brought us back to the truck tired and hungry. As we were eating, Jay asked Ron "where your rifle?"  Ron replied, "Over by the truck" Jay followed up with "well you better bring it over here, just in case we see one." Ron moved to the truck and grab his rifle. We all proceeded to relax and wait for the evening hunt. Each was sprawled out on the ground get a little shut eye.  Then All of a sudden there was a familiar sound of elk running through the woods. As we all jump up, Ron was scrambling to recover his rifle that was near his last location. There to our right was a big bull running through the trees. I hit the cow call and he stopped on a dime, but not where Ron could get a good shot. Then he took off again, giving Ron just a brief window of opportunity to connect.  And He did!! Dropping the bull with first shot.  However, it just broke his back and a follow up shot was needed.  Great Job Ron!!!

Ron & The Gman with Ron's 6x7 Bull opening day 11:15 a.m.

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