G-man's FAQ Section

Possible Question that may come while preparing for a hunt.

1.     What Caliber of gun do I need?      Turkey - 20 or 12 ga.     Deer - .243 and larger        Elk - 30 cal and larger

2.     What is the terrain that we are going to be hunting?   We have a variety of from the barley impassable to flat and easy going.

3.     What average distance of a shot to expect?     Most of our shots are taken under a hundred yards, with a high percentage at under 30 yards.

4.     What is the transportation arrangement?     We will arrange to pick you up at the airport and drive you to the Lodging of your choice. We will also provide transportation during the hunt.    

5.     How many other do you have booked?  Early season requires prior booking, however we do experience cancellations.   Middle season, moderate bookings.   Late season, prefer booking with possibility of walk in service.

6.     How much Private land do you have to hunt?     I have 800 acres in the Deerfield area.  I am also negotiating access in the Custer area.

7.     What weather conditions should I expect?     90 degree day to a foot of snow on the ground.

8.     Where can I take my animal to be processed?     there are two location in Rapid City and one location in Hot Springs. RC Western Meats also provides a Freezer truck in Custer during Elk Season.

Question: I was just watching an antelope/mule deer WY combo hunt on the Versus channel.  They were allowed and harvested 2 antelope.  Does that apply to the areas you hunt?  If so, is it the cost of one tag or two?

Answer: We do have unit that a hunter can harvest two buck unit 4 & 5. Most areas you can have up to 4 does. Like everything it all comes down to the money side.  Plus you would be required to purchase tags for each animal and guide fees.  So two buck tags would be 2 X $272. the package price for 2 goats is $2,695. 

 Question: For a 2010 combo antelope and mule deer RIFLE hunt the dates are October 1-15th and the cost is $2795/hunter for, correct? 

Answer: YES

Question: I know taxidermy and processing extra, but do you have access or can arrange? 

Answer: We have both available

Question: How far is it from the Rapid City Regional airport to the lodge? 

Answer: Roughly 75 miles

Question: Is ground transportation available for an additional fee, or do we need to rent a vehicle?

Answer: Ground can be arrange, but suggest rental for sight seeing.

Question: Do hunters usually come in the night before the hunt begins and leave the morning after it ends? 

Answer: Hunt 1-4  30th arrive and 5 depart.

Question: I saw one can expect mule deer to be 4x4.  It is difficult to tell from the pictures, but what would you estimate the average spread to be of bucks taken? 

Answer: 21-25

Question: For antelope, what are the average size horns? 

Answer: 13- 15

Question: What is your success rate for clients for each animal on this type of combo hunt?

Answer: We hunt on foot & travel by 4 wh dr. Our guides are well familiar with our areas & know the deer habits & escape routes. We usually start the day from a stand area, always depending on weather and conditions. Then our guides will walk, walk, walk to keep deer moving.  The only ones who don't get a deer, and I think we had 100% last year, anyway, are genuine trophy hunters looking for record book deer. We get a true monster every couple of years, but our bread & butter is 4x4 or better. And honestly, some hunters should practice more before getting to the lodge. All hunters get decent shots at decent deer, strictly fair chase.

Question: Is it 2 on 1 guiding?  

Answer: Generally 1:2, 

Question: Finally, what is the terrain and climate likely to be at that time of the season?

Answer: Antelope: 4000' to maybe 4400'. Looks relatively flat, but lots of breaks, hills, and ravines. Generally sage, few trees. Deer: 5500' to 6500', much steeper & a lot of timber. All private lands, working horse & cattle ranches.


We will add questions as we receive them, If you have a question please feel free to contact me or email gman@gmanoutdooradventure.com

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