Muzzleloader Rifle Deer 2007 Season with the G-man

December 14 - 16 Keith & Brad's Hunt

        Day One - Started with 500 yd of visibility, We had just received 2 inches of fresh snow over night.  Our morning hunt was pretty much a wash due to the poor condition.  We set up in two different location for the evening hunt. Each hunter saw good deer but none presented itself for a shot.

        Day Two - Started clear 5 degrees with a slight breeze. We returned to the fields where we had set up on the evening before, once again the deer eluded us. Mid day we went back to town and purchased some turkey tags. during lunch time, Brad filled one of his tags with a nice Tom turkey. Each hunter is allowed two turkey during the fall season. around 2:00 we set out for a set on the field. Keith and I were at one location and Brad in another.   Keith and I had several small buck come into with in 50 yard but no taker. When we pick up Brad, He had a nice 4x4 ready for us. Quite the day for Brad.

        Day Three - Started clear 13 degrees with a slight breeze. We dropped Keith off near his location and waited for the sun to come up.  He saw several Big buck, but no taker were close.  About 10:30, we switched gear to Turkey and filled Keith Two tags. One good tom and a six inched bearded hen. After Lunch Brad stayed back at the ranch for another try for his second bird. While Keith and I took up position on a good field.  Right at the last minutes of shooting time the big boy came in. We moved into position, ready our selves for the shot. Keith takes a good Aim.  Then all of a sudden the buck bolt out of range never presenting up with a shot.  

December 8 - 10 Bruce & Jeff's Hunt

        Day One - Day Three was pretty much a wash looking for excellent mule bucks. We saw around fifty mule deer in the time frame but the biggest buck was only a big 3x3. We did spent a day chasing the whitetails, but the boy were looking for Mule deer. The big Mulie's just did not want to play, that is how some hunts go. Thanks for hunt with me. 

December 1 - 3 Rod's Hunt

        Day One - Started calm and cold, We had just received 2 inches of fresh snow over night.  Rod and I started at sunrise from the Motel toward our hunting location due to the Icy roads. We saw over a hundred head of deer on our track to the ranch.  Once at the ranch we check out the North pasture for a possible Mule deer.
    A half hour into the hunt we located two good buck and proceeded to maneuver our way toward them. However, once we got within range, they had slipped off of our hunting land.  So we walked a couple of more big draws back toward the truck. At the truck I decided to go and check back with the rancher down on the home place.  The weather had turned cold and windy, letting us know that it was a December hunt. After checking in we called it a morning and sipped hot coffee and a hot meal.
    The afternoon hunt we checked another ranch for a good Mulie, but the weather had them all hidden from us. As we were moving to another location, we located a really good whitetail out in a wheat field. Game On!!! Since the buck was located toward the back of the field we elected to move up a draw that paralleled the field that should get us close enough for a shot. Once we peeked our heads over the edge of the draw, The buck had moved in the direction on where we had first glassed him from. So back down the draw to the original location for a shot.
    Once again we peek over the end of the draw and he was out in front of us. We need to get closer for a shot, since we needed to be within 200 yard of him.  I spied a set of old corrals that may give us the cover we needed. We inched along slowly toward the corrals. The Rod said, " There he is out in the field to our right." I quickly said, " Check that buck to our left."  "OH MY Lord" Rod declared.  Yep to our left was at least a 160 to 170 class whitetail. This caused us to get right to the edge of the corrals. The buck was 181 yards away and broadside.  BANG!!!!!
    Rod had just shot under a huge buck and all we could do was watch him run back up into the timber.

       Day Two - Started clear 5 degrees with a slight breeze. We returned to the fields where we had missed the buck in hopes of getting a second chance. We located several good bucks in the field, but the big one was gone. We tried a couple of stalks witch were busted by lingering does. So we moved up to our higher pasture in search on a good Mulie. The fresh snow had good sign for us to follow. We struck out on a good set of track only to find, just does and fawn in the group. After lunch, we were back at the fields early.  We located two different groups of Mulie. One group had a shooter, so we gave chase. Once again a lonely doe busted us before we could close the deal. The Whitetail did not return to the main field. after a short drive we found them two fields over. There must of been about 50 to 60 head just grazing out in the middle. We left them alone and move back to the pasture around the main place. There we spotted a shooter buck. BANG!!!.  The buck just moved off, but I could tell that he was hit. We elected to go and find him in the morning.

       Day Three - Started clear 25 degrees with a slight breeze. We were back at the shot location at first light. We found a lot of red in the snow. We followed the sign right to his last resting place.  The buck was still warm and very little rigger. Good call on the wait, No lose of this buck.  Good Shot Rod.  

Rod's 4x3 whitetail

SIDE NOTE: This was Rod's first whitetail buck ever a true trophy for him. But I know that Rod will be back to see if he can find the one he missed.

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