Rifle Elk 2007 Season with the G-man


October 20 -21 Jerry's Hunt H3

        Day One - Started with cloudy, cool and Jerry and I preparing for a morning hike. We started at 7:30 a.m. working a long ridge looking for elk.  We proceeded to work in a big circle from the ridge witch brought us back to the truck about 2:30 p.m. Tired and sore legs and feet, we decided to cover some logging roads looking for some fresh sign. During the afternoon the rain set in making the logging road interesting.  About sunset we rounded a bend and spotted two elk in a meadow. 
    We bailed out and the chase was on. However, the elk had moved down the ridge. we move down the ridge and spotted them once again. Bang!  The elk moved into some dark timber and light was fading fast. So we decided to back out and come back in the morning, since we did not know how good the shot was.
    At first light we were back in the area. The bull had only gone fifty yard and expired. Great Job Jerry!!!

Jerry with his Spike Bull (Good Eat Size)


October 14 My Brother's Hunt H2

        Day One - Started with cloudy, wet weather and the Geiman Clan hunting together. We started the day by seeing two cows in the head lights, so we new it was going to be a great day. But we did not really now how good it would be until a couple hours later. 
    Once we got to our hunt location we spent the first half hour of sunrise calling and bugling along some logging roads.  Then we decided to check out a good water hole and wallows.  On the way down through the meadow, Dad said, "ah back up, I thought I saw something."  Once we back up we did not see anything there, but did see a flash of an elk running through the brush.  We all baled out of the truck and the chase was on. I continued to cow call as we proceed into the trees. we skirted this way and that trying to close the gap. One time Jeremy raised his rifle, but lowered it and motioned to the right. On the move to the right we moved into a shooting lane, after quick glassing and confirming he was the one. BANG!!!  We move to the location of the bulls last spot before the shot and searched the area. We spied a location to our right not fifty feet away that look like an elk. sure enough it was the bull down for the count.  Now the work began. As luck would have it there was an old skidder trail only a few feet from the bull, so we could get the truck right up to load the bull.  Great hunt Jeremy.  The saying we have is Dad spotted them, I stopped them and Jeremy shot him. 


Jeremy with his Bull 6x6                                                A closer view of the rack

October 6-9th Jerry H3

        Day One - Started with a morning hunt in the burn, covering some some canyons. Then we ran into another friend who had a tag. So we hooked up and tried a drive with sitters. After the first drive we noticed that my rear tire was low. after further inspection we located a nail, time to change a tire. Since we were out in no mans land, I chose to go get the tire fixed and call it a day. The closest tire repair shop was Rapid city, so by dark I had the tire fix.
Day Two - Started with us hunt down by the park most of the morning, then we checked out a couple areas south of Pringle. No luck
      Started with us conducting a bunch of walking in the burn checking all the tree area. We found several fresh sign and beds but no elk. the evening hunt we checked some logging road. at about dark we located a good Bull, but I could not determine if he was on hunt able land so we had to pass. Later that night my maps showed me that he was on Forest service land.  
      Started with us back at the location that we saw the bull the night before. We spent the first half of the day conducting loops in the area looking for the bull, but he was now where to be found. the afternoon we check out another location that had elk in it on Sunday. However, the day ended with no elk, but we did created a great friendship. Thanks for hunting with me Jerry and Dan.

October 1 opening day H2

        Day One - Started with blue bird sky's and at a location of where we had last heard a bull the night before. We conducted a couple of walks in the area, but could not find the any elk. So we headed to another location that we had found a couple other Bulls from the night before.  
    Once there we set out on a short walk, we managed to jump 7 cows with calves and a bull. However, we did not get a shot off on the bull. after the walk we sat down for lunch and took a nap for about two hours. At 2:00 we move to the north end of the ridge and did another stalk.  We saw a good bull, however the hunter could not see him from his angle.
    The evening hunt we move further to the south and did a big loop that put us at a water hole for the last hour of hunting.  a half hour later the bulls started to bugle.  We move up the ridge to the closest one and proceeded to work the bull. However, a Bigger bull had come in below us to the water. So we moved back down the hill for a shot.  The bull was going crazy with bugling and starting to wallow in the water. My hunter was very excited to say the least. I had to tell him to breath, just to get him calmed down. Four shot later, with two out of four connecting, the bull was on the ground.  The bull was a 6x3 and showed sign of being an old bull. Great Job Troy and thank you for hunting with me.

Troy with his Bull 6x3

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