I will give you, 21 Irrefutable Reasons Why

  1.   The Finest tasting & Healthiest Red Meat Money Can Buy
  2.   Buffalo are OUR LIFE, Not Cattle
  3.   You see our buffalo every day on the Television.  Dances With Wolves, The Chevy Commercial, NIKE Commercial, The LEVI Commercial, & Pioneer Commercial. Those Buffalo Graze on our Ranches!!!!
  5.   We Have 30 years of Joint Experience raising only buffalo
  6.   We cater to Family Involvement.
  7.   Buffalo are found to be lower in "bad" Saturated fat and higher in "good Fat" or Omega-3 fatty acids
  8.   Our Buffalo are Free of Hormones, Antibiotics, & No Feedlot Conditions
  9.   Buffalo are higher in Selenium, which may reduce the risk of Cancer.
  10.   Our Buffalo are fed exclusively NATIVE GRASSES
  11.   Our Buffalo are Humanely Harvested In their natural Surroundings.
  12.   The affiliation of ranches in Western South Dakota, Which is made up of about 30,000 acres.
  13.   Our herd numbers around 2,500 animals.
  14.   We Are promoting the restoration of the Great Plains, through the use of Bison.
  15.   We want you to participate in more than just shooting a buffalo during your trip to the northern Great Plains.
  16.   We Offer An opportunities to see the Big 9 of the northern Great Plains.
  17.   We offer a variety of packages that are Fairly priced.
  18.   We are strategically located in the Center of the historic Northern Buffalo Range.
  19.   Our Meat can allow a Heart Patient to enjoy red meat again.
  20.   No License required to harvest our buffalo.
  21.   If you want an experience that supplies you a friendship for a life time, Give us a serious look.

G-Man Outdoor Adventure operate under a Special Use Permit from US Forest Service.