Sam & Chris

Day one- Found the three of us close to roosted bird. We had set up above him on a small flat. We called sparingly,   while he was in the tree.   Once again, he had hens with him.  Game over!!!  We hunted the morning walking and setting. The birds had went quite, this morning.  The afternoon, found Chris and I up on a high ridge calling. A Tom slipped in from the back and gobbled, but we could not see him for a shot.

Day Two- We had decided to split up to increase our odds. I placed Sam about 150 yards from the truck on a hill between two gobbler. Chris and I proceeded down into a deep canyon after five gobblers.  After three hours, Chris and I made our way back to the truck empty handed.  As we approached the truck Sam came around the truck. He was trying to keep a straight face, however he could not do so.  He had an interesting morning. the two bird had gobbled to his every call.  But a silent tom had slip in on him to about 25 yards. He didn't get away. This had made the whole hunt. Because, two years ago we had started to plan this hunt.  In the mean time Sam had a heart attack. So for Sam to get back into the wood was a God sent. The Bird was extra!!! I hope Sam has many more memorial hunts to come.  Thanks for letting me share in your momment Sam.  This was also the first time Sam had ventured West from PA., In the afternoon I took them sight seeing of all of the awesome sights we have here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Day Three- found Chris & I in pursuit of a couple more bird, but we did not have any luck harvesting them. 

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                        Chris & Sam                                                                                 Great Job Sam

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                 Sam's Beard Measured 7" with 3/4" spurs                                                     Hunting in the rocks

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