Hunter Odds App

 KNOW YOUR ODDS of drawing a license and season success before going on your next hunt!

Hunter Odds mobile app for Android and Apple provides easy to use license draw statistics for Big Game hunting in all states that provide statistics we can use to help you understand which hunt code you can draw a license.  

Enter the state, resident status, species, sex, weapon and number of preference points you have.

We will tell you which hunt codes you will have a 100% chance of drawing a license from past history based on your input.  

Anyone who applies for limited licenses will benefit from this data.

Plan your fall hunting adventures with confidence.
See the hunting success rate for each hunt code you can apply for.
Never burn more points than necessary to draw a license.
Discover overlooked and sleeper units.
Make informed decisions when applying for a hunt.


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Check out this app from one of our Regional Directors (Mike Lollar) that I work with. IT'S FREE!!

Download Hunter Odds for Android
Download Hunter Odds for Apple

Send him feedback on improvements or issues with the app.

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