Lori & Lila

    In 2002, I donated a hunt to the Aberdeen American News Celebrity hunt for Diabetes. Lori bought the package at the auction held during their banquet. But, due to vacation problems we had to schedule the hunt for this season. 

Day one- They found the bird held up on an Island located on some private land, just off of the National forest.  Jeremy was unable to pull the bird from their safe haven. The rest of the Day was very windy limiting the locating of bird.

Day Two- Found the bird in a narrow canyon, but the bird went up the hill instead of down to the fields to strut. they also saw a strutting tom next to the road with a hen.

Day Three- they found the bird in rough terrain. Since the terrain was rocky and open a stalk and set up failed to bring in the birds.

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Lila & Lori

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