Jim Meeks and Mitch Turner From Iowa

jim and mitch closeweb.jpg (33126 bytes)     jim closeweb.jpg (48556 bytes)

  Mitch and Jim                                                      Jim with his bird
Jim beardweb.jpg (63418 bytes)       john and jimweb.jpg (86010 bytes)

Close up of Jim's Beard 8"                                         Gman and Jim

Lookin for a Turkeyw.jpg (82511 bytes)

Just a little humor while we were out.

mud1w.jpg (44552 bytes)   mud3w.jpg (42688 bytes)

All Three days in NE it rain on our hunt. We were lucky enough to get into my honey hole the first day, However we had to go through some mud in the process.   The rest of the hunt we could not get up into my best spot.

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