Gobblin' Fever

    I had the privilege of hosting two staff members of Gobblin' Fever for my final hunt of the season. Our hunt started on the evening of May 14th. Our main focus was to roost a bird for the next morning.  We located a bird at 6:45 p.m.  So we proceeded to try a quick setup. the bird committed a couple of times, however a hen cut us off from the gobbler. we continued to roost birds for the next morning.

    The next morning, we set up on the hottest bird from the night before.  however, we were either late getting into him or he heard a better sounding hen. He moved to our right at a fast pace, faster than we could catch him with a camera. We went on down the road and found the bird, we had setup on the night before. He would only gobble at us and when we closed the distance he would stop gobbling. He had played this game before. Why not, this is the last two days of our turkey season and on public land. We found a couple more candidates but no one wanted to be a star. we roosted more bird that night for the next morning.

    The last day of our hunt found us waking up to a light rain. Not bad for hunting, but bad for electronic.  We proceeded into the field, just incase it was not raining at our hunting area. No such luck!!!   The light rain turned into a heavy pounding rain. So we called it a Day!

    I want to thank Gobblin' Fever for hunting with me. I enjoyed the staff members as well as, learned a bunch of new tricks for those tough gobblers. Maybe next time we will prevail over those turkeys.

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Jim Nabors(Field Producer) & Josh Catogni(Camera Technician)

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                    The Gman & Jim                                                                 The Gman & Josh

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