Gary Howey & Larry Myhre

Day one- Larry & John's morning hunt should have been done about a hour into the hunt. However, the bird did not want to be a star. In the evening we managed to lure two hens into our decoy. Mean while Gary & Jeremy's morning hunt found the bird 15 yard behind them and the hunter penned down for no shot. The evening proved slow.

Day Two- Larry & John's morning hunt started with lot of gobbles but at fly down the birds fail to keep gobbling. The rest of the day was slow.  Gary & Jeremy's morning hunt was full of action of over hill and valley in pursuit of two toms.  In the end only a rock was between them and the moment of truth. But, Murphy's law kicked in and two hunter on the road near by spooked the birds. the evening was really slow.

Day Three- We all switched areas to see if there would be more action from different birds.  Larry and John's morning consisted of 14 head of Elk, a flock of turkeys with no luck & a Cougar Track in the mud. The evening hunt, we were out smarted by two sly gobbler on the move. Gary & Jeremy's morning found them calling in a flock of turkeys. However, when the gobbler saw the decoy. He proceeded to head south for the spring. Their evening hunt, showed them two gobbler that were giving in. But, two motor cycles proved to shut them down.

Day Four- We planned to hunt until 10:00 am.  Larry and John, start at the same location as they had been at on the first day. this time the turkey went up instead of down. We followed. Soon we had a prospect coming in. Closer and closer he came.   We watched him strut in and at the momment of truth. Somehow a miss happened. Gary and Jeremy's morning found them near a roosted bird. when he flew down there was only a small window of opportunity. but not long enough to close the deal.

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            Gary Howey, Jeremy Geiman, Larry Myhre, Scott B          Gary Howey, Gman, Larry Myhre, Scott B  

Larry and Gary have composed story's of their hunt. They are excellent articles that I think you would enjoy reading. 

Larry's  Story "Turkeys elusive during hunt in Black Hills" is at: Turkey Story

Gary's Story "Have I Told You How Much I Dislike Turkey's" is at:

Click To see Larry's Hunt In Video

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