Georgia Hunters

Day one- Chris Harvest his bird by 6:20 am, the rest were in bird but, could not hear them very well due to the high winds.

Day Two- Once again they were in bird. Chris went fishing since he was done hunting.  Matt harvested a bird at about 5:00 p.m.

Day Three- Chris, Matt, and Jeremy went fishing. While fishing Chris caught a 19" rainbow trout in a near by creek. Jeff & John went hunting.   Jeff harvest a bird at 8:00 am. John miss on the second bird that came in with Jeff's.

gaboysW1.jpg (76008 bytes)

Jeff, Chris, Matt & John

christomW.jpg (23732 bytes)             chrisfishW.jpg (25957 bytes)

                  Chris's Tom  7" beard 5/8" Spurs                         Chris's 19" Rainbow Trout

matttomW.jpg (16676 bytes)                         jefftomW.jpg (22952 bytes)

                    Matt's Tom 4" Beard with 3/4" Spurs                           Jeff's Tom 7" beard with 3/4" Spurs

jefftom1AW.jpg (94956 bytes)

Matt, Jeff, & Chris

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