Bill & John

Day One- Started out to be a Blue bird day with a gobbler in a tree, that Jeremy had roosted the night before.  At Fly down However, the gobbler had other plans on the direction he took. the group proceeded to try to locate another gobbler in the area without success.  They did manage to see four big horn rams feeding in the basin.  They located to another area where they found six more bird, one tom and five jakes in a open meadow. But the birds did not want any part of the hunt due to the 85 degree weather.

Day Two- found them once again on a roosted bird next to a road.   But at daylight a truck somehow managed to stop right under the tree he was in. Some bad pre-scouting on that hunters part. later that day they saw a strutting tom with a hen next to the road, but could not make a plan work to bag the bird. 

Day Three- found them in 5 inches of fresh snow from the night before. the birds did not gobble off the roost. they found tracks but could not catch up with birds.

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