Bighorn Sheep Hunting

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Code State Unit Price Range Voucher DIY or Drop Camp Semi Guided Fully Guided Combo Available Low Impact Lodging Meals Licenses Class Success
CA-BC-Cranbrook-Alex CA-BC   $20,000       X X   Varies Included Outfitter 160-180"  
CA-BC-ENAYKOOT-MS-IMT CA-BC   $10,000 - $15,000       X X   Varies Included Outfitter 160-170"  
CO-DEDIVI-RK-YLEK CO  S60 $6,495       X     Hotel   Draw    
CO-ISONGUNN-CGSG-JN CO   Call       X     Wall Tent Included Draw    
CO-RECKENRID5BGE-ROG4-LE9NNG CO   $3,995       X     Wall Tent or Hotel Varies Draw    
CO-TCLIFFEWES-DCOS-TEEDS CO  S08, 9, 35, 49, 50, 51, 60, 62 $6,495             Included Included Draw    
CO-YONCITYCAN-OTROH-ENTK CO S09 $4,495       X              
CO-AMONTVISTA-CTPO-AVIDD CO S29 $3,995             Cabin or Camp  Included Draw    
MT-Cooke-SGRAGS-Liz MT  316 $5,995             Lodge Included Draw    
NV-Fallon-NO-Rob NV   $4800 - $6200     X X     Varies Varies Draw 152-167.5" 100%
KS-WY-Afton-DYO-Chris WY 6, 7 $3,995     X X X   Wall Tent Included Draw    

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