Wyoming Deer 2008 with the G-man

November 1-3 (3 for 3 deer harvested)

         Day One - We hunted hard and saw over a hundred deer with 25 being buck. However, None were bigger than ones that these two ladies already had.
          Day Two - Again we hunted hard and saw over a hundred deer , still No big bucks.
         Day Three - Started with rain turning to snow. This started the Mulie bucks chasing the does around. Marcia and I located a potential Buck a mile away and set off on foot. As we dropped into a cut, we located a group of deer were gather with four buck chasing a doe around the bottom.  We just sat down and let the big buck come out in the open for a shot. Bang!  One buck on the ground around 8:30. Great Job Marcia.

Marcia 5x4

Next we gather up the other and had a little snack and get a plan for the afternoon.  Marcia's Mom was also hunting for a doe and we needed to fill her. So we decide to relocate to an area where I have always found doe in the evening. Just as I was parking the truck, I located two does laying down a hundred yards away. We all helped here get set up and dropped a doe to fill her tag.  

Bonnie Doe 
a little history on Bonnie, this was her first trip to WY and her first Mulie Doe not bad for mid Seventies

Well now the pressure is on, Shirley still needed a buck. So She and I took off toward yet another great location for last minute deer. As we move through the area, I located a nice buck laying on the back side of a slash pile. As Shirley got set up he took off, but I stopped him with a whistle and Bang! Game over. Great Job Shirley

Shirley's Last Minute 4 x 4 Buck with the help of an Angel

November 8-12 Canceled Due to an Early Fall Blizzard any where from 46" to 12" in a 24 hour time frame.


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