Nebraska Rifle Deer 2008 with the G-man

November 15-17 (1 for 1 Deer harvested) Donated Hunt For WI River Pheasant Forever Banquet

         Day One - Started out very Cold and the Snow Crunchy. We located a fence corner that over looked a deer runway; while on set, we watch 35 deer walk by with one possible shooter. As the sun rose we change position to check out another field with deer in it. The rut was just coming in, bucks were chasing doe. However, the big buck were not in the hunt.  With the Snow so crunchy we only made sets throughout the morning, hopping a big buck would come toward our location.  As we were making our way back to house for lunch, luck changed for our side. A really nice buck came right down a tree line toward our location; but did not continue past.  a great buck for Don on this hunt.



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